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Transitioning to Independence

REACHing Out is our transition and life skills program within Reach Academy for students ages 16-22. Our mission is to strengthen and support our older students’ talents and abilities while fostering self-sufficiency,  proficiency and advocacy.  By partnering with members of our community and local businesses, we teach adult independence skills, offer opportunities to visit and learn about different career paths, and provide workplace training. 

 social skills

technology skills

 independent living 

job training

career exploration

Technology & Virtual Reality Research

We are currently collaborating with the University of Florida and Dr. Nigel Newbutt, Assistant Professor of Advanced Learning Technologies and Director of the Equitable Learning Technology Lab (ELTL).  Dr. Newbutt is currently  examining and developing the role that VR HMDs can play in supporting young people with autism in their daily lives, informed through their input. The aim of this work is to co-design the future of this field (VR and autism) with autistic communities and other important stakeholders.


More than this, Dr. Newbutt is interested in developing a range of innovative technologies that can help to enable people with neurodiversity. 


We are honored to be a part of this amazing research!

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