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Meet Our Team

Our Story


Cam McFather 

Co-Founder, Co-Director


Stephanie Kaloupek

Co-Founder, Co-Director

In the summer of 2012, Ms. Cam McFather, an educator and parent of a child with autism, and Ms. Stephanie Kaloupek, an educator, were discussing the need for a better quality of education for neuro-diverse students. With the increasing number of children with learning challenges, the two of them recognized the immediate need for a change in how children are being educated within the public school system.


During their research into the world of educating children with learning challenges, they realized quickly that there were limited options in the Jacksonville area. So began their journey of forming Reach Academy Inc., a non-profit, 501c3, dedicated to expanding educational opportunities for children with learning challenges and their families.

Reach Academy, Inc. recognizes the challenges students and their families face each and every day. Students with learning challenges are unique individuals that deserve a quality education developed using research-based curriculum, individualized instruction, and an innovative environment that is engaging and responsive to each child at each stage of their development. 

Our Staff

Andrea Fricke

Director of Academics

Classroom Teacher

Ian Cleary
Artavia 2.jpeg
Amy Harford
Gina Norman
Artavia Indigaro

Intensive Instruction


REACHing Out

Transition Coach

Classroom Teacher

Emily Medina
Gil Long

Intensive Instruction Teacher

Intensive Instruction Teacher

Executive Assistant

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